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Carbon footprint reporting

A carbon footprint report is an inventory of all greenhouse gases created by an organisation measured in CO2 equivalents.

Measuring and identifying your company’s carbon footprint and understanding the impact your business has on the planet is a crucial first step towards improving your sustainability credentials.

Before you reduce your carbon emissions, a carbon footprint must be made to identify your company’s direct emissions. This footprint will show whether your business uses a lot of energy, burns a lot of gas, uses clean machinery and how sustainable your supply chain is.

Our team of expert carbon footprint consultants will analyse your data to provide a clear overview and summary of the environmental impacts that are being made throughout your businesses supply chain, to give you your carbon footprint.

To create an ongoing, clear overview of the company’s environmental impact, our team assists in setting up a reporting system that seamlessly collects data from the business operations for continual carbon footprint monitoring.

Armed with your carbon footprint information, you can then start to take action on reducing and/or compensating to reach your environmental targets.

ISO 14064 and GHG Protocol

Our experienced team will efficiently calculate and prepare your company’s CO2 footprint based on the GHG protocol and ISO 14064.  

ISO 14064 is an international standard for the reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and is followed alongside the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG); one of the oldest, most established and widely used standards for carbon reporting.  

The GHG protocol defines clear requirements for the content and structure of corporate reports and the collection of measurements contained. A key part of the protocol is the definition of scopes which differentiate between the different types of emissions to avoid double entry; direct emissions from company factories and vehicles versus waste generated in operations and through employees commuting for example.

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