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What is a carbon footprint?

Carbon footprint is a calculation of all greenhouse gases created by an organisation and is measured in CO2 equivalents.

What is net zero?

Net zero is the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced by your company and the amount reduced from the atmosphere.

Net zero can be achieved by reducing your company’s carbon footprint as much as possible and by offsetting the remaining carbon by investing in a cause or an organisation that actively reduces global emissions.

Why should my company become net zero?

The Government has called upon all businesses large and small to take practical steps in cutting their emissions as part of the UK’s journey to net zero by 2050.


As the UK’s 6 million small businesses make up 99% of the UK’s enterprises, employ 60% of the UK workforce and generate £2,2 trillion of revenue to the economy, it is crucial for these enterprises to take action and reduce their carbon footprint.

What is ISO?

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) develops and publishes a wide range of commercial standards that facilitate world trade by providing common standards among different countries.

Why does my business need to use a sustainability consultant?

There is an increasing requirement for businesses to operate in a way that reduces its impact on the environment. Customers and key stakeholders are making investments and purchasing with an environmental conscience, and it is largely accepted that for business longevity, sustainability needs to be addressed.

You don’t need to use a sustainability consultant, but it is often easier and more efficient for an expert third party with significant experience to initiate and manage your organisation’s sustainability targets.

I don’t think my business has a significant impact on the environment, do I still need a sustainability consultant?

Sustainability isn’t only about the environment but also considers how a company operates in the ecological, social and economic environment.

Sustainability is key for all companies in all industries and is an approach to creating long-term value and business worth.

Increasingly key stake holders and companies are asking for sustainability accreditations and so it would be worth identifying your organisations impact and making a sustainability plan. 

Is it mandatory to have the appropriate environmental accreditations?

ISO certification isn’t mandatory but is a very useful tool to add credibility and to demonstrate that your product or service meets the expectations of customers.

Large companies are required by law to be assessed by the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme every four years.

Will it cost me a lot of money to become more environmentally friendly?

Generally speaking, no.

Whilst there may be an initial outlay in setting up new systems and investing in environmentally friendly technology, a lot of our clients save a significant amount of money on energy supplies and by streamlining process, and by working in a more efficient way; so in the end often SAVE money.

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