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Supply chain sustainability

A sustainable supply chain can improve productivity whilst saving money and is much more than simply installing solar panels and implementing renewable resources.

Sustainable supply chain management not only identifies the effects of your individual business but takes a holistic view of the total human and environmental impact of your product’s journey from the raw materials stage to storage, delivery and all of the transportation in between.

The overall aim of sustainably managing your supply chain is to minimise environmental harm such as energy and water usage, whilst having a positive impact on the people and communities in and around their place of work.

Our team of environmental consultants will analyse your businesses sourcing, production and transportation among all stages of the supply chain to maximise efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Demand is growing for sustainable supply chains from customers who are becoming more educated and aware of the impact of their purchasing. Companies who can’t provide customers with confidence could be putting its brand and reputation at risk.

Our team of sustainability consultants will identify components of your supply chain and analyse the sustainability credentials of each one by focussing on three main factors: social, environmental and financial responsibility.

Social responsibility within a supply chain oversees all of the people who work for you and your suppliers and ensures that they are treated fairly, in accordance with human rights and labour laws. Environmental responsibility addresses the potential harm caused by a business and its partners’, with an aim of minimising the company’s carbon footprint and addressing the lifecycle of the product. Financial responsibility encompasses compliance with laws and regulations around financial activity, risk management and insurance coverage.

The benefits of a sustainable supply chain are far reaching and our team have over ten years’ experience implementing corporate sustainable supply chain programmes, driving carbon reduction initiatives and being able to calculate the impact.

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