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Sustainable Innovation

Sustainable innovation is a process where sustainability considerations (environmental, social, financial) are integrated into company systems.

By innovating in a more sustainable way, your company can produce products, services and processes that not only generate long-term social benefits but create economic profits for the company too.

Our expert sustainability consultants will work with your team to manage the innovation process and identify the environmental impact of one single product or an entire organisation by using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) that will then allow you to make choices and decisions based on that data.

LCA is a framework that is commonly used to provide information during the design phases of a product to allow you to make informed environmentally conscious choices during the development. The aim is to minimise the environmental impact from the product or service you are creating, and this then feeds into a company’s sustainability strategy. Conducting an LCA also prevents the shifting of environmental problems from one place to another.

Unlike a carbon footprint that ONLY looks at and analyses a company’s total greenhouse gas emissions, the LCA measures the total environmental burden, looking at other impact categories including air pollution and water use for example.

Funding for sustainable innovation can be supported by several financial initiatives set up to encourage more environmentally friendly business. However, there is a vast number of grants and support available and it can be time consuming to identify which is most suitable and to then to fulfil the applications process.

Our team has years of experience of managing funding applications and will save you time by highlighting the types of support available, help you to prepare for funding, and guide you to securing a grant or loan for your business.

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