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Why businesses HAVE to be more sustainable in 2022

The days of deciding whether your business will ‘go green’ or not are well and truly over as it has now become widely accepted that all companies will do whatever they can to be more sustainable and protect the planet.

Increasingly, more and more businesses are incorporating sustainable practices within their corporate strategy as it is acknowledged that building a more sustainable brand will improve a business’s success in the long term.

So, what are the top reasons why your business should embrace sustainability?

  1. There has been a significant shift in consumers behaviour when it comes to purchasing goods. The COVID 19 pandemic has given consumers space and time to consider the wider world and are increasingly making purchasing decisions based on the sustainability credentials of the product or service. This shift to ‘conscious consumerism’ is only going to gather momentum as Generation Z are already demonstrating that they prefer spending money with sustainable brands.
  2. Switching to more sustainable practices can save your business money and improve profits. Whilst there may be an initial cost involved when adopting more sustainable ways of working; processes such as reducing waste, reusing materials and switching to renewable energy should save your business money in the long term.
  3. To attract the best talent, stakeholders and investors. It is becoming more commonplace for employees to choose to work for companies based on their environmental policies, even if that means a lower salary. To ensure you’re attracting the best talent, it is becoming increasingly important to have your social and environmental strategies in place. Similarly with investors, environmentally friendly businesses are more likely to be financially rewarded as they are seen as being more competitive and innovative.
  4. To win new customers. Sustainability is increasingly being considered by both the Government and the private sector when securing contracts. It has become more commonplace for customers to ask for detailed information on how their potential provider is planning to reach net zero and what the company’s environmental credentials are.
  5. To comply with Government regulations. As the UK continues with its net zero strategy, larger businesses are increasingly becoming required to become regulated and follow restrictions set out by the Government in a bid to achieving a more sustainable country. By steadily incorporating sustainable strategies within your company now, you will be more equipped to reach regulations on time and be ready for any further environmental legislation that is sure to be introduced across companies of all sizes.

Being sustainable and implementing environmentally friendly strategies now will be key to your businesses long-term success. This is the year to really make a change.

If you need help with your sustainable strategy or guidance on how your business can be more environmentally friendly, Spring Environmental are here to help. Get in touch today!